WST operations

The WST Operational Concept shall enable efficient delivery of the Survey Plans and operation of the WST science capability. It will specifically address the tools needed to plan a MOS observation / target allocation and then the flow of data from the instrumentation and telescope systems through various stages of initial processing, archiving and detailed scientific analysis. The Operational Model will greatly influence how the calibration activity is enabled. All this is covered by these main functions:

  • To plan and prepare the science observations needed by one or more science surveys
  • To execute the science observations to produce the raw and calibration data 
  • To provide data processing software to generate science reduced data from the science raw and calibration data delivered by the instruments
  • To archive science raw, calibration and reduced data for future use by the science community
  • To produce data end products relevant to the survey objectives.
  • To monitor the quality of the science data.