Project office

Roland Bacon


Roland Bacon, has ten years managerial experience as director of CRAL, but also 35 years unique experience in the design, realisation, and use of integral field spectrographs. He has been the PI of the very successful instrument MUSE at VLT.

Sofia randich

Deputy Coordinator

Sofia Randich, currently director of INAF-OAA,  brings to the project her significant experience in the management of Galactic spectroscopic surveys (e.g., the Gaia-ESO large public spectroscopic survey) and in high-resolution MOS spectroscopy.

Vincenzo Mainieri

Project Scientist

Vincenzo Mainieri, is project scientist for the upcoming MOS at ESO (4MOST, MOSAIC). He provides to the project his long and successful experience in extragalactic MOS and IFS  science.

Ian Bryson

System Architect

Ian Bryson (UKRI-UK ATC) has over 30 years experience in astronomy instrumentation for several observatories. Working mostly as a Project Manager but with significant technical input, he has led many phase A and conceptual design (e.g., WFMOS, MOONS, EAGLE, HARMONI, VISTA). 

Pietro schipani

Project Manager

Pietro Schipani (INAF-OAC) is very experienced in telescope design and realisation. He was the project engineer of VST and is currently the project manager of the ESO SOXS project for the NTT.

Philippe dierickx

System Engineer

Philippe Dierickx has a long experience as system engineer and project manager at ESO. He is an expert in the design and production of large and very large telescopes.   

Joel vernet

Instrument WP coordinator

Joel Vernet is currently the ELT project scientist and has much valuable experience as ESO instrument scientist for many MOS and IFS instruments (e.g., MUSE, MOONS, HARMONI).

Bianca garilli

Operation WP coordinator

Bianca Garilli, director of IASF INAF laboratory, has played a leading role in data reduction and analysis software for MOS instruments (e.g., VIMOS, KMOS,MOONS).